No need to sit cross-legged or in Lotus position to benefit from these mindfulness practices.

Discover the secret and science to becoming Zen with a smile and welcome more calm, joy and inner peace into your life.


Mindfulness + Joy = Joyfulness

The essence of Ros’s mindfulness programs is sparking joy and inner contentment – whether through smiling breaths, heart-felt gratitude or self-compassion with a smile.

Workshops and individual coaching

With a wide range of documented health benefits, mindfulness enhances calm, joy and resilience to stress. Regular mindfulness practice has been shown to:

My workshops and individual coaching sessions offer a range of evidence-based mindfulness techniques to enhance inner-joy and equanimity including the science and practice of:

What you can expect:

Words from participants

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I’m used to getting my hit of dopamine and endorphins after running marathons, so you can imagine my surprise when I experienced the same euphoric feeling after Ros’s endorphin boosting meditation. I couldn’t wait to share with my team and am delighted I did. Seriously wow!

My Mindfulness Keynotes

I offer a range of keynote speeches for your event, organisation or school. I happily customise the duration of the keynote to suit your needs.

The mindful Leader Employee Student

– From Mind full to Mindful


Empower the best version of yourself by creating a habitat of mindfulness. Explore how regular mindfulness enhancing the quality of your relationships – personal, professional and your relationship to yourself. In so doing, helping you perform better in all aspects of your life, and promote resilience to stress.

Mindfulness with the Laughter Effect

15 minutes +

Discover the secret and science to becoming Zen with a smile. Turbocharge your inner smile with mindfulness practices that activate your *DOSE of wellbeing (DOSE = dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins).